The Trash to Treasure Seed I Buzzed Tonight

  • I had to choose this seed to buzz.  This week alone I have decoupaged an old flowerpot I got for a buck at a rummage sale and I painted my TV table and am getting ready to decoupage it.  I can't wait to come back and see the finished "treasure" of what you do with these trashy finds.

    This is the seed I buzzed through the Buzz Program.  I was very impressed with how popular this blog is, and how much they fix up and send back into the world beautified.  

    Here's what my 300 characters I was limited to said:
    The best thing I have found was in my very own apartment dumpster.  I believe my personal recovery from alcohol and drugs has transformed me from a cocoon to a butterfly.  One day I was feeling in need of a sign to remind me of what a miracle I am.  Right there, clean and pristine, on top of the garbage, was an iridescently beautiful, sparkly, huge butterfly from legs and antenna to wings.  I knew it was right where it was just for me to find and bring home and put up on my wall where I could see it and be reminded of just what a miracle I am.  I cried when I found that. 

    Well I'm happy to say The Pink Flamingo has reached the 100 mark on our Facebook page and like I said after reaching 100 fans I would do a Give Away. So here ya go.It's simple and easy and that's ohhh so how I like things. All you have to do is tell your friends that you are tryi

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