Time for Renewal and Rebirth?

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing."--Edmond Burke.

 I saw this symbol of rebirth (above)  flying over my head one day this week and I knew I had just been visited.  In case I wasn't being mindful enough, I "happened" (synchronicity at work)  to come across a blurb on the Internet saying the Monarch was the symbol of rebirth. It's also a symbol for the soul and some cultures like the Chinese believe your soul comes back as a butterfly.
"Oh Lord, I feel like a change is gonna come."
♫ ♪ ♫

There are signs, symbols, books opened to pages about rebirth and change, and intuitive feelings afloat.  Here's how it is, "Every morning, we have a choice:  Will I seek out God's plan today or will I go about my day as a slave to my ego's agenda?"  (from: "The Gift of Change," by Marianne Williamson--Subtitle: "Spiritual Guidance for Living Your Best Life," also 0.1 cent used).

I had an epiphany this morning, and now I am setting aside my top ten priorities, my 40 some goals, my day's activities that I have posted, and my to-do list.  It is time to become a "conduit for the miraculous" and let God use me for His plan. (or Her plan, but actually there is no pronoun that fits).

Marianne Williamson writes that as soon as we start asking how we can help with God's plan, rather than asking for help with our plan, things get better.  Miracles happen.  Am I willing to put my own plans aside in favor of supporting God's plan for me and for the world?  I do believe I am. .

My own plans haven't been working out.  In fact, they are mostly stalled.  I rarely get more than one or two things done on my long, 20-30 items to-do list.  I've been beating my spirit, mind and heart with guilt, regret, remorse and frustration, and today the light dawned:  I'm not supposed to do the ego's bidding.  I need to focus on what God wants me to do in a larger plan designed by God.

God wants me to stay sober--I'm sure of that.  God wants me to practice love, forgiveness and compassion  I believe.  Does God care if I write a bestseller or even have a book published?  I have my doubts.  God doesn't seem to care all that much about our "needs" for security, prestige and romance as much as whether we love and forgive.
I think my newest plan is something God wants for my life.  I "happened" (synchronicity) to see an intriguingly titled book at the library called "Stick Your Neck Out," by John Graham.  It is subtitled, "Street-Smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond:  Service As A Path of A Meaningful Life."  I am right now ordering a copy of this must-have book for 0.1 cent from Amazon.  It has everything you need to get started making the change in the world that  you want to see by beginning by being that change, as the bumper stickers say.  This book includes: how to choose your issue(s), the meaningful life path, deciding on the form of your participation and so on including making your plan, building your team, giving persuasive speeches, getting institutions to do what you want, and public testimony and legal action.  I need to own this book so I can refer to it along the way of changing one small corner of my world. 

Don't know what issue to choose to work towards?  Start with progressive publications like AlterNet.com and their section on activism and vision or Op-Ed News.com.  Or just read your local newspaper or a copy of a news magazine.  Pick something that really turns you on, that you can be excited about, because you want this to be for the long haul. It will take your time and your energy.

One of my issues is going to be safe food, food that is free of cancer-causing pesticides and herbicides.  There are already organizations in existence working on this issue, and I can check them out.  I probably don't need to reinvent the wheel unless I want to for some reason.
Decide on your issue(s) and/or order "Stick Your Neck Out," and make a difference in your life and in the world.  We do because we love.  Isn't that every soul's mission on Plant Earth: Bootcamp for Souls, as I call it?
I have a quote posted in a prominent place on my desk that is another Marianne Williamson quote: "We need to remember this: If God has given you a job to do, she will provide the means by which to accomplish it.  All we have to do is ask what she wants us to do and be willing to do it."  Don't worry if you are a semi-hermit and can't imagine getting out among others to work for your cause.  The courage will come. Don't worry if you are not the best writer, organizer, speaker or publicist.  Let God mind those details.  Just choose an issue and get started by doing research on the history of the problem, what has been tried with what results, organizations that work for this issue, etc. Then start signing up, volunteering, reading more about where and what help is needed for that cause, getting people in your community or even nationally to work for the answer to the problem, guiding and directing others who want to help, raising money if necessary, and so on.

Wear yourself out on this. "Better to burn out than to rust," as Neil Young sang.  You will be happier if living a more meaningful life of accomplishment.  Ask any volunteer or someone who works in the social services for starters.  They will tell you the work that you do to create positive change will bring joy into your life.  It will wake you up if you're sleeping, make you mindful if you're not paying attention to what's going on.  It may stir controversy, but you will find courage.

Here's a prayer or mindful meditation from A Course In Miracles:

"Where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
What would you have me say and to whom?"

How wonderful to be used, of some use to yourself and others!  Everyone knows that kind of fulfillment brings joy into the most desolate, self-pitying, wasteful life or even your average busy life.

"We look to God to give us new life when the old one has begun to die," (Change).  There could be a wonderful reason your current life plan is failing or just not working out the way you had hoped.  Dreams only die if you let them.  Transform.  Become new.  Be reborn.  Put a photo or painting of a Monarch Butterfly somewhere where you'll be reminded that you are being reborn in the spirit.  (No, I am not talking about reborn Christians.)

When everything seems blah, boring, and you feel worthless or just over the hill, then you are ready for rebirth.

Buddhism says it's not so much what we achieve that gives meaning to our existence, but we at least die trying to do. Jump in.  The water will feel exhilarating, fresh.

I'll leave you with this perfect prayer for this purpose: the purpose of your life:

Dear God, (or Universe, or Higher Power, or Cosmo...whatever you're comfortable with),

"If left to my own devices, my perceptions will be skewed.
I surrender to you everything I think and feel.
Please take my past, and plan my future.
Send your Spirit to redeem my mind,
That I might be set free.
May I be Your vessel
And serve the world.
May I become who You would have me be,
That I might do what you would have me do.
And I will, dear God." (Change)


Take even a baby step towards being part of the solution today while you're thinking about it.

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