Maybe You Want To Know Where I Get My Information

No, I don't pull it out of my tush, in response to the smart alack in the back. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil, but it was only after I received my B.A. in English with a specialization in creative writing that I began to get paid for it. I have been a freelance writer for about 15 years. I also worked on a magazine as assistant editor and fiction and poetry editor. Before deciding I only wanted to work for mmyself doing things I loved and believed in, I spent a short time teaching high school English, being an administrative assistant, and serving in the trenches of addiction and recovery as a certified substance abuse counselor for many years. I have many a hair-raising story I could share if patient confidentiality weren't an issue. Like most writers, I am a reader. I check out about 25 library books at a time and most I return on time. I love fiction (which I studied and wrote in college), psychology. self-help but on things like living fearessly and mindfully not how to be a better wife. I am divorced. I have two kids in their 20's, a man and a woman. They insist that I refrain from mentioning them in the blog. I have a cat my son named Little Bobby Fischer. I try to increase my consciousness and stay mindful. I pray, meditate and read spiritual books each morning after I journal. (I am a big proponent of journaling and believe it has saved me a lot of money I don't have on therapists.) I am spiritual, as are we all. I am not religious and don't much care for the organized religion I was a victim of as a child. I do not own a car and either walk or ride my bike year round for errands. I do try to leave only a very little carbon footprint. When I get too self-centered and forget to include you in the dialogue I hope we share, nudge with your honest comments and I will probably awake frommy dream that I am separate and not part of the One.P Peace and Bliss, Maryellen

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