You Are What You Think

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You’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat?” More important than this notion is the truth that you are what you think. We create our own realities with our thoughts.
Quantum physics and quantum mechanics have shown that everything can be reduced to subatomic particles,  which consist of photons, leptons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, etc. and ultimately that all matter is actually pure energy. We have come a long way from the solid matter of Newtonian physics since Einstein gave us E=mc squared theory.

Quantum physics has also taught that what an observer sees depends on the observer observing. The power of thoughts creates energy that wouldn’t be there if no one was observing.
If we have this power to alter energy and transform it, wouldn't we want to use it to improve our lives?  Your vibrations from the thoughts you project create what you experience for better or worse.  Why not use mind programming techniques to have prosperity, health, love, opportunities and happiness? Change your negative thoughts  to the power of positive thinking.

You can't do this through willpower or some special discipline because the subconscious cannot be coerced.  It knows you are struggling and so creates a reality in which you struggle. 

You can have what you want and need by clearly knowing what that is, and using those thoughts to let the universe know what kind of reality you want to experience.

So you are reading this and you're  thinking "Just change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts and everything will be gravy.  Ha!"  It does sound unlikely from that cynical perspective.  First of all you have to learn what to do with the negative thoughts. 

It is very important not to limit yourself with negative thoughts of lack, illness, unhappiness and not believing that you are meant to be joyous in this life. The Dalai Lama writes that our main purpose in life is to experience joy. Joy is possible for all of us if we believe it and if we think it. We often limit ourselves with our thoughts and beliefs, and cannot look beyond the limited boundaries we have set for how much good we will allow into our lives.   The more open we can be towards the possibilities that exist, the bigger we dream and believe, the greater are our opportunities and abundance. 

What kind of a life are you creating with your thoughts? Limited thinking can result in not having what we need and want.  We know from research on the mind-body connection that we can create illness, health or healing with our thoughts.  We can also think ourselves into impoverished, sick,  unhappy, miserable lives.

How can you change your thinking to change your life?  How do stop the negative thoughts? Simply by not reacting to them or giving yourself to them. They lose their power and they fade away. Do not tell yourself I have to change my thoughts. Instead, relax, slow down and let the thoughts be. Alpha waves created in a relaxed state help the process.   Let the negative thoughts  do their own thing. Do nothing with them. Do not pay attention to them, and do not try to fight them. Don’t tell yourself you must stop the negative thoughts. Do not try to stop them.  It's like being on a diet and telling yourself, "I will not think about pizza."  The more you try not to think about pizza the more you obsess about it.  Soon you can  practically smell the sausage and onions and taste the cheese.  "Diets are made to be broken" you tell yourself as you grab the first slice. 

You may not be entirely comfortable with the concept of "re-programming" the mind, as though you are asking to have yourself brainwashed  to change your way of thinking.  But it is the fixed mindset that has been programmed into you already by your teachers, parents, government, society and the culture to consistently produce negative results.  You were born into a belief system that venerates the logical mind over all else including anything that can't be seen, touched, smelled, heard or tasted.  Your mind believes this is the case when it discounts things such as intuitive messages, vibrations from what you think and feel, and the power of the unconscious when it sends us dreams. 

The false self, the ego, guards and defends the mind to maintain the status quo. It is the false self ego, the karmic consequence of negative actions, that promote the negative thinking.  

The only way to defeat the negative, and the programmed logical mind is to identify and expose the components that form the sophisticated system of philosophical/psychological mind control we are all born into.  When you  know how to do this, it is a simple act to just remove the negative, which always begins with a thought and convert that negative into the positive.

Positive thinking is powerful and it changes realities. The universe is created through positive spiritual laws constantly and consistently converting the negative into the positive--the first law of creation.  Individuals, governments, corporate thinking have all used the the counterfeit world of a negative and false model which throws us into conflict with that first law of creation.

You can add the methods for treating negative thinking with affirmations and creative visualization.  Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to visualize the life you want to have.  Once you can clearly see it, it will become your reality.  Creative visualization can improve our lives and bring forth new opportunites  and prosperity. It is a power that can alter our environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into our life

We know that creative visualization is used by athletes with much success.  Basketball great Michael Jordan says he used to see the basketball going into the net before he shot it.  Golfing stars like Tiger Woods  hold the club at the ball and first visualize where they want that ball to go before swinging.  
The law of attraction is not a new idea. It has always been here from cave-dwelling times when hunters painted successful hunt scenes on the walls of caves.  They  used the law of attraction, and sodo people in business who visualize themselves successfully completing goals. You use it too, whenever you think, make plans or daydream.We attract into our lives what we believe and think.  

Use affirmations to strengthen your desires.  These short sentences should be in the present tense, positive and said aloud with feeling and gratitude as if they had already occurred.  For example, "The abundance that surrounds me has given me freedom to do what I love."    "Money comes easily to me as I am inspired and blessed with new opportunities each day." 

Set up a quiet location where you will be undisturbed as you say your daily affirmations aloud, and feel the impact of the images you are visualizing.  Watch for the positive changes that will come into your life once you begin this routine.  The  negative thinking will be a thing of the past and no longer in charge of your life.


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MsRefusenik said...

Wow. Well-done and prodound. Authors whove helped me learn to stay in the joy flow are Cheri Huber (Zen) and Lyn Graber to mention 2. Thank for sharing this intelligent, well-written, amazing guest post while I was gone because only today did I get my mind blown by learning a) I still have a blog. b)It's done well without me and has many enthusiastic readers. Thanks for taking the time.