A Letter From An Angel

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I hope it's okay with the angel if I share the letter they sent to me.  I think it is good for others  who believe and those who would like to believe to know there are angels among us.

I was recently noodling around the Internet, looking up creative visualization or affirmations or something for my article.  I came to a Web site that had a smallish link for if you wanted to ask an angel a question.    There was something sacred about this Web site.  They didn't ask for money either.  So I wrote the following question to the angel:

On 6/14/2011 12:29 AM, Maryellen Grady wrote:

  How do I know which of my dreams are what my life's purpose is?  I
  have so many things I want to do with my life yet, even at age 60, and
 I have a hard time getting things done.  How do I discern which paths
 are most important and in keeping with my life's purpose?

 Blessings on you.  Thank you for helping me.

Peace. :Love & Higher Consciousness,




This is what the angel wrote back to me:

Beloved Maryellen,
You are living your life's purpose with each breath. You do not see
what we see from our perspective. We see that for your time of 60
years your light has  touched many with love and generosity of heart.
Be at peace dear one with each day. Laugh with yourself and and allow
each moment to be a gift unto itself. Experiment with your dreams as
if you are trying on new clothing to see what feels wonderful, and
when you you feel joy in your expression proceed. You may do this as
you sit in a space you find peaceful, then choose to visit your dreams
one at a time. There are those that you will release like a feather to
the wind,  you will find clarity in this simple exercise. You are
asked to relax into each blessed moment and let go of your need to
qualify your worth. Know that as you believe  in your Sacredness,
Grace will guide you in ALL WAYS.
Love surrounds you.

It is perfect for where I am at in my life and the confused state I have been in.  I looked for the return email address and it was a different email account of mine

So what do you think of that?  I wish I could give you the name  and address of the Web site where I found the link to the angel, but I didn't pay attention at the time.  How was I to know that a real angel would be answering my question?

Pay attention, be mindful and listen for the still, small voice within and you too will be guided to miracles in your life.   I know and believe it.  Give synchronicity  free rein  and don't rationalize the miraculous coincidences when they visit your life.

Peace and Joy to you,



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