I believe that:

1.  Becoming compassionate can save human beings and this planet.

2.  We are all one in different bodies.

3.  No one is greater or lesser than other.

4.  Each person is born with gifts that can contribute something great to the

5.  We cannot love another until we love ourselves.

6.  "Falling in love" is a shallow, superficial Hollywood fantasy, and real love is a
      a commitment and a decision.

7.  Every action, word and even thought we put out into the universe comes back
     to us.

8.  Goodness is surely its own reward.

9.  You cannot know your life's purpose nor how you are to live if you are not
     your authentic self

10.  Kind acts and words send ripples that go on forever.

11.  You give a great gift of healthy self-esteem when you reflect a person's good
        through your mirror of non-critical judgment.

12.  Sensitivity is strength, never weakness.

 13.  Good poetry transports the mind and soul.

14.  Love is forever.

15.  There is no death only a moving on to a different plane of consciousness.

16.  Unconditional love abounds.

17.  God's love knows no restrictions or limits.

18.   Angels are real and watch over us throughout our lives.

19.  Unless we fill our souls with spiritual food, there is a gaping, sucking hole
        that wants to be filled with anything:  food, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling...

20.  Children are our most precious treasure and sacred responsibility.

21.  All illness and disease begins in the mind.

22.  The mind-body connection can overcome any degree of disease or illness.

23.  All things are possible with God.

24.  Resentment blocks the sunlight of the spirit and results in cancer and other

25.  We must learn to forgive from the moment we first feel a resentment or ill
        will toward another forming.


 Journaling Exercise:

1.  Write a story called, "My Life and I."
2,  See yourself as an active character in your life.
3.  Do you enjoy each other's company?
4.  How do you treat each other?
5.  Do you trust each other?
6.  If your life were a person what attributes would it have.
7.  Do you agree on your purpose?

My Response:

  My Life and I

My life and I were cruising in the garbage can on wheels, bright purple, doing 90 all the way with no cops anywhere.  Life and I are good company for each other.  We basically get along pretty well.   Life doesn't much care that I don't clean house or attempt to create any order or organization out of the chaos that is my living environment.  Life could care less that I'm always broke and bouncing more checks that get more overdraft fees that keep me from ever getting the balance into the black.

Basically we jibe.  Life has learned not to expect too much out of me but for pipe dreams, fantasies and lists of goals.  And as long as I don't pick up the first drink or illegal drug, she trusts me.  Things were pretty hairy when I was using and drinking though.  I didn't know what would happen next, and life sure wasn't taking any bets.  Life still gets nervous if I miss my A.A. meetings.

We like a lot of the same things.  We both like journaling and reading for hours when we wake up.  Life never tries to hurry me or tells me to put a fire under that burner.  Life is cool about my wasting my days goofing on the Internet chasing every shiny moving object like a cat instead of doing my freelance work or anything constructive.  No, I have to check my e-mail accounts every hour or so, see who is up and around at Facebook, and see what's going on at Twitter.  I do a search for something I need for an article I'm writing and end up spending hours reading some of the links that popped up in the search that didn't belong like book reviews, articles, news items, etc.

If Life were a person I bet she'd be peppy, energetic, curious, non-judgmental, easy-going, calm, kind of a geek, helpful, and  humorous. (She mocks me and teases me all the time.)   Life, yes sir, life would be one to roll with the punches.  She's flexible, resillent.

I do know that Life secretly wishes that I would provide more financial security for us and some financial freedom, but then she knows me too well to really expect that to happen. It's just too hard for me to care about things like that and take it seriously.  I do know we both want to swim in the ocean once more before we leave this gorgeous planet though.

Life wasn't a hippie like I was and is much more materialistic.  She grew up in a lower-middle-class home.  She dreams of big honking luxury homes, vacations in tropical islands, and TV's the size of the living room.

But my purpose in life has nothing to do with that crap. I hope Life can accept that I am here to be authentic and to touch hearts and minds through my writing, and share my experience, strength and hope with those who still suffer from the diseases and disorders I am recovering from.  We are all meant to serve.  Unconditional love and service brings bliss and great personal rewards of fulfillment and satisfaction.

I asked Life the other day, "Hey, ol' buddy, can we get real here for a sec?  I'm just not that interested in being an entrepreneur or in publishing a bunch of books and magazine articles right now. You are just going to have to accept me in sickness and in health, in richness and in poorness."

She just got all quiet and, as usual, didn't pick up the tab for our lunch.  Oh well.  She'll come round.


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