It has been an extraordinary day.  I had a major epiphany about how I need to get really authentic in thought, word, writing and all interactions if I am to fulfill my life's purpose.  I took a risk and came out of the closet on all my blogs about the fact that I am recovering from bipolar disorder, A.D.D., alcoholism, addiction, depression and am a former non-custodial mother.  It felt good, but I didn't feel like getting into my whole complex web of stories about each.  Soon though.

I made a wonderful, life-altering new friend, Deanna.  She sent me a link for her blog after I listed mine with network blogs under the category spiritual on FB. It blew me away.  I am linking to her post on synchronicity now.  She is a healing survivor out to help others who are incest victims.  She shares the most amazingly honest spiritual and personal insights.  Many of her views are the same or similiar to my own.  

She travels the world and I read a post tonight about an amazing adventure in Israel.  Everyone must see that is unique and special.  People intuit that she is a sensitive, compassionate and probably psychic person who is healing and wants to help heal others.

She is my new FB friends for the little that that has come to mean.  More important, I plan to make her friendship and keep her and her remarkable blog in my life for some time.    Read this post on synchronicities and see if she isn't a very amazing, unusual and extremely honest and spiritually awakened woman.

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