I was whining about my hacked computer over at Ethical Hacking Network Forum, and looking for some advice and help tonight. Now he has locked me out of the computer which sits on my desk. I have been through so much with this hacker that I believe I have to write a book to adequately outline all of my unbelievable adventures as a hackee.

Anyhow, I only got two replies from my plea. One man strongly suggested that I might want to change my screen name, you know, MsRefusenik. He included a link. I clicked on the link and came to Google's lengthy spread of MsRefusenik's embarrassments, exploits, writings and misadventures. There are something like 437 of them. So I guess it's safe to say that I haven't been a real private person--at least MsRefusenik hasn't been.

But I found the coolest thing while I was scanning what all is there. There are pictures of Refuseniks from all over the world. I was beginning to feel like the only one. No, there must be hundreds. I saved the best ones I saw, and I didn't even even go through them all.

So if you've ever wondered why she (me) calls herself "Refusenik," know now that she is in good company with courageous people.

Here now is a gallery of some of my fellow Refuseniks:



Mafia Refusenik


Hey, I'm a Refusenik (apparently...)


Are You A Refusenik?

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I was just reading a news article on the Internet and found out I'm considered by some (who've never even met me) to be a refusenik. Now, like me, you're probably thinking, "what?" It turns out that because I've chosen to not go along with a few broader social trends, I've now acquired a new label from some folks who feel it's necessary to label people who don't go along with stuff.

The term actually originated in the Soviet Union, and referred to Jews who, although they were being persecuted in their home country, were refused permission to emigrate elsewhere. It's also been used to describe Israeli citizens who are conscientious objectors, as that country has mandatory military service. The post-modern use of the word is evolving to refer to people who are choosing to opt out of larger social and often electronic trends.

So, how am I a refusenik? So far, I'm working it on a few levels, if you take news media stories as your defining criteria. 1) I don't own a cell phone and have no intention of getting one. 2) I don't use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You might even be able to add another angle to that as 3) I don't have cable or satellite television service.

Believe it or not, someone else wrote this, although all of it is true of me too.

I like to think she/he was reading my blog and I am a trendsetter.

Are YOU a refusenik?  Write a tell us how and why.  \

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