I HAVE A BOOK OUT! (Oh, I am so grandiose. I contributed an essay to an anthology.)

Of course, the theme of these non-fiction, true essays is that when a door is shut, a window is often miraculously opened for us and we continue on--even if perhaps we find ourselves on a whole new path.

My essay is "The Transformation." It's on page 130. Here is the blog page the editor keeps us about the book's progress:

ANNOUNCEMENT to Family, Blog Readers, and Friends:

Friday, March 12, 2010

The book is here!
When One Door Closes
Reflections from Women on Life’s Turning Points

On behalf of all of the authors in this book, I am happy to announce the publication of this fascinating collection of diverse stories by 53 remarkable women from the U.S, Canada and The Netherlands!

Every book purchased will help women and girls facing difficult transitions in their lives. Sugati Publications is donating 35% of all profits to five non-profit organizations that assist women. For more information about the designated non-profit recipients, go to the Reflections From Women website.

When One Door Closes brings forth genuine and heartfelt accounts that offer readers an opportunity to make a connection, to engage in reflection, to find encouragement on their own journeys, and to discover that even in the most difficult of circumstances, compassion, hope, forgiveness, and peace can be found.

To see previews of each of the stories or to provide comments on any of the essays/poems, visit the blog at: ] Consider leaving a comment if an essay or poem calls out to you. The authors will appreciate your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in this book and your support of the 53 authors. May you find peace on your own journey and at every turning point.

Terri Spahr Nelson, Editor

Check out this review!
I found "When One Door Closes" powerful. I think it should be required reading for all men. The complexity and depth of the experiences, emotions and wisdom captured in these essays is amazing. --Greg Flannery, Editor, Street Vibes

So dear MsRefusenik Readers, if there are any (blog stats say there aren't), if you do get a chance to pick up the book, I hope that you will find as I did that it empowers your feminine spirit that knows it can overcome any hardship and achieve a life of greatness and giving. If you benefit from what you read, please be so kind as to take a few minutes and write a review:

In the meantime, I must get started on revising my novel that I wrote in 90 days for

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