But Are You Grateful to be Grateful?

Are you grateful for what you have, who you are, people you love who love you, sobriety and being clean, and more?  Stop reading right now and write the top 20 things you are grateful for.  Here's my list to get you started:

I am grateful for:  (not in order of importance)

1.  My beautiful, healthy, loving children.
2.  The rest of my extended family.
3.  God's help with my grief for recent death of mother.
4.  My loving friends.
5.  All the great books that my higher power brings to my attention through synchronicity that are exactly what I need at the time.
6.  Sobriety/being drug free.
7.  My cat who gives me love and whom I can love back.
8.  A roof over my head even if the heat and hot water are iffy and the place is a mess.
9.   Humanity's continuing evolution.
10. The power of prayer and meditation.
11.  My good health at age 64 despite many years of abusing my body.
12.  Healthy, organic food I can afford (and food stamps).
13.  Enough money for my simple needs and wants from Social Security Disability.
14.  The fact that with H.P.'s help I had one year smoke free on 11/16/2013.  (You can do it too!  I never, ever believed I could do it.  What helped also was a powerful book called "The Little Book of Quitting," by Allen Carr.  Order it for one cent from here)
15.  That I can get everywhere I need/want to go by walking and bike and don't need a car.
16.  My meetings and the sober/clean people who attend them.
17.  My intuition and sometimes knowledge of God's will for me.
18.  Diet Coke and coffee--my fuel.
19.  My adult son living with me.  He keeps me from getting too set in my ways and I isolate less.
20.  Thanksgiving dinner that I  only have to make cranberries for and not cook meal.  Thank God for siblings!

Happy Grateful Day to You.  Don't forget at Thanksgiving dinner to go around and have people say three things they are grateful for.


If you can't think of 20 things to be grateful for, download this--The 2014 Hunger Report

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