Boy Am I surprised!!! My Blog Lives! People read It! Some folks, especially "Anonymous" comment every few days for months.

We must be real authentic human beings or be eliminated by crap.
Listen to this.  I came over to my old friend Blogger after God knows how many months I've been gone  because I finally missed talking to my readers.  I felt like writing about writing and any bizarre old thing that interests me.  Surprise!  I not only  still had a blog it had readers and people even left comments.  The reader levels for October were better than when I was here faithfully writing.  "Anonymous" probably left 100 comments, but most are complimentary so I publish them.  Some guy named Mike Schaeffer or something like that even published a nice piece on my blog.  I think there were other hackings too, but it's going to take a while for the smoke to clear.

I have so  much to talk about.  I found out yesterday that I am what author Barbara Sher calls a "scanner."  She is the author of  "Wishcraft", but actually I was reading it on a recommendation.  It's titled, love this:"Refuse To Choose:  A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love." I have been camped on that porch since the Sixties, but I'm always glad to brush-up.

 So now there are these people who sound exactly like me and I have adult ADHD, but her book doesn't mention that possibility.    They live to learn but once they know it they start losing interest.  They tried to major in five things in college--at one time.  They read about 8-10 books at a time.  I know that because it's my life.  I am an information junkie like most of our culture.  They start two projects, get distracted, finish neither, start four new ones.  We are the result of a whizzing by culture that has let technology deprive the young of the ability to read more than two lines of ten articles.  Some can't read print much either.

Anyhow, Sher, a life coach, of course, has come up with some ccommodations and tools for people who addicted to knowledge and want to seriously learn five or more things at the same time.  I personally plan to try the avocation stations where every interest has its own separate space and tools.  Check it out.

So I was doing research for months about our current adult education revolution but then things went so fast and there was so much info to process that I guess I crashed and burned.  But I'm not talking about it yet until I totally accept that it could be another of my ubfinished projects.

Hey Sober Bloggers:  Walsh Nov 5, 2013 or we just say the serenity prayer and ask for acceptance, right.  I am amazed how adult everyone is about this.  Earlier recovering candidates in this country did not fare as well and it's a shame

Hey all you novelists and regular folks who think it's cool to write a novel in 30 days:
Are you ready to write a novel? It's almost Nov 1 and time for the annual live in dirty robe all day and night, eating cold fish sticks as you type, and smelling like Starbucks on a Monday morning, a smell I would wear I really love it so much.  Don't you?

Yes,Nanowrimo has come back to suck your last drop of blood, sweat, and self-esteem.  Don't compare.  We each have our own lovely authentic voice which rings like crystal when honest and real.  Speak only from that voice, your soul's voice. Make jt real and don't get hurt out there.  See you in December. 

You novelists not me.  I'm so excited to have my blog back I'll be here tomorrow to speak about ugly book clubs, who is running ads on my blog while I'm not getting AdSense dough, Live Your Legend, loving the work you do and finding your passion, and this:  I'm starting to think that most self-help books looking for transformation are written by high school dropouts who read Psychology Today and Oprah.  I'm tired of getting sermonized by 20-somethings who know nothing except marketing tricks, buzz words, trends and, yeah, sure, how to spiritually evolve and help save the planet when we can be One.  I mean they know that too don't they or is it all niche writing, branding, event email with them?

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