Joy Cometh In the Morning: Bring Joy Into Your Life Now

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I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours:  A list of a few of the things that bring me joy and put me in the Divine Now:

(If you haven't experienced any joy recently, use things that have brought you joy in the past or might in the future.)

1. Zumba Fitness - Dance to world rhythms like salsa, merengue,cumbia, bellydance, Bollywood and reggaeton.

2.  Going to new places (neighborhoods, restaurants, shops, countries, states...) and exploring.

3,  Tending plants and flowers.

4.  Reading for fun.

5.  My children (sometimes)

6.  Coffee & Diet Coke

7.  Meditating at my new altar I just made.

8.  Beautifying something somewhere. (Yesterday I painted little wooden stars and put glitter on them. Then I arranged them in beautiful glass bowl with seashells.  Attractive display on end table that brings me joy was result.)

9.  Planning meals, menus, writing list of ingredients needed, shopping for meals, and cooking them to serve with love.

10.  Dreaming/Fantasizing.

As you can see, you don't need money to go bring more joy into your life. If you needed money, I'd be one miserable old soul.  If you can't afford to travel to another country, go visit a neighborhood you've never explored. 

Now make your list:

Things, People, Adventures  & Miscellaneous That Bring Me Joy Or Might:
(Let your imagination run free.  Don't tack on any "Yes, Buts.")




etc.-- As many as you can think of.

When was the last time, if ever, that you did or appreciated any of the things on your list?

What can you do today to raise your vibration frequency and feel joy coursing through you?

What I have done so far today to put me in the Divine Now and in the flow of  joy:

1.  Planted some seedlings in the house.

2.  Did something creative:  Wrote a senryu on  (This is it:  Tornado flattened the house
                                                                                                                 Dead occupant
                                                                                                                  Still clutched channel changer.)
If only the man could have pushed a button on remote to change the weather, hug?

3.  Wrote from the heart to uplift others.  (You're reading the results.)

4. Enjoyed several cups of coffee and a few Diet Cokes in the can.  They just taste better in the can.)

5.  Read something fun and uplifting: A book I highly recommend for its secrets of joyful living and 12 tenets of awakening:

I read it today. 

6.  Sat at my new altar, lit the candle and attempted to meditate.

7.  Conversed with my delightful son and told him I'd spring for a haircut if that's something he wants.

Now what can you do today to raise yourself into the Divine Now with joy?  Make them baby steps if  that's easier for you. You can plan your adventures for tomorrow and enjoy researching possibilities tomorrow.  That could bring joy in itself. 

What else?  Can you do something creative?  With children?  Go out with friends or talk on the phone with them?  Dance wildly in your own living room?  Listen to some rock 'n roll cranked up to 10?  Bring order to your desk and/or office?  Pick some flowers or buy some to put around your house?   Get an ice cream cone and not worry about the fat and calories just for today?  Have an old-fashioned char-broiled hamburger for lunch or dinner that you made or found by googling/"Dexing" under "Top 10 hamburgers in St. Paul," or wherever you live?  Eat a banana Popsicle?  Take a scented bubble bath surrounded by lit candles?  Marvel at something that seems ordinary until you do:  a book on your desk, the rug, a bowl, a piece of lint.  Just stare at whatever it is and see it anew and marvel at it. 

I marvelled at a magazine picture I cut out and taped to the wall in my most used sight line.  I thought I hung it up to inspire me to keep losing weight and look as good in jeans as the model in the picture. When I marvelled at it though I really saw it.  It shows a woman with a cup of coffee in one hand and a sledgehammer in the other beaming before a big hole in the wall that showed another room behind it.  I realized I had actually hung up that particular picture not for the tight butt looking good in jeans, but for the contemplated power of taking a sledgehammer to some negative things in my life like my past regrets, the places where I am stuck, my messy house, my inertia...

Only you know what can bring you joy now, no waiting in line, no money necessary if that's a concern.  Get into your kid part of yourself and come up with cool, fun, easy to do things that make you joyful.  Leave me your lists in the comments section and I'll post them tomorrow with your permission.

Joy & Bliss,


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