Hey, KC, >8-D, :-(O)..., 2bctnd--A Guide to Text Messages and Abbreviations

A friend whose poem I reviewed on FanStory come replied to my ultra-positive words with nothing but this: :-).  Was this some bit of common knowledge that I had missed, I wondered.  A Google search revealed that the author sent smiling face with nose.  Hey, these things are sort of fun when you know what they mean.  Today's headline up there reads in English as, "Keep cool, evil crazed laughter, drooling, to be continued--a guide to text messages and abbreviations.  AB!

Guide to Text Messages:

:) smiling face without nose
:-) smiling face with nose
:( frowning face without nose
:-( frowning face with nose
#:-) smiling with a fur hat
&:-) smiling with curls
*<|:o)> Santa Clause
:-)... drooling
:-7 smirk
:-D grinning
:@ shouting
:`( crying
:-() shocked
:-(O) shouting
:-\ skeptical
:-| determined
:-~) having a cold
:-< cheated
:-9 salivating
:-x small kiss
:-X big kiss
>8-D evil crazed laughter

Text Message Abbreviation List
Some of the text message abbreviations which are used very often have been listed below along with their meanings.

Text Message Abbreviation Meaning
2bctnd to be continued
2g4u too good for you
2l8 Too late
2WIMC too whom it may concern
4e Forever
4yeo for your eyes only
A3 anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAM as a matter of fact
AB! Ah Bless!
ADctd2uv addicted to love
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AML all my love
ASAP as soon as possible
ASL age, sex, location
ATW at the weekend
B4N bye for now
Cm call me
CU see you
CUL see you later
DUR? don't you remember?
EOD end of discussion
EOL end of lecture
F2F face to face
F2T free to talk
FC fingers crossed
FYEO for your eyes only
BTW by the way
FYI for your information
G9 genius
GG good game
GMTA great minds think alike
GR8 great
GTSY great to see you
H&K hugs and kisses
H8 hate
HAGN have a good night
HAND have a nice day
IC I see
IDK I don't know
IMO in my opinion
J4F just for fun
J4K just for kisses
KC keep cool
KIT keep in touch
LOL laughing out loud
M8 mate
MGB may God bless
MYOB mind your own business
NO1 no one
O4U only for you
PCM please call me
PPL people
RMB ring my bell
SOL sooner or later
SRY sorry
STATS your sex and age
T+ think positive
T2ul talk to you later
U4E yours forever
URTO you are the one
W4U waiting for you
WAN2 want to
WRT with respect to
WTG way to go
WUF where are you from
YBS you will be sorry

Use  these text message symbols and abbreviations in your messages or while using instant message services. But bear in mind, that all mobile phones may not compulsorily support these text message symbols.
Shah Newaz Alam put these together and I borrowed them a quick minute.

I now will be signing my e-mails "H&K &:-)" .   I love it.  I'm sure my sister or friends, who aren't kids or Generation-X, Y or Z will be vexed and make me stop playing around when they don't know what I'm saying.  Bunch of killjoys.  Hey isn't there are text message for buzz kill?  I say its #@&*).  Do you think it will catch on?  It has those symbols to indicate that the writer is swearing at you for killing his buzz.  Now send me some of your text messages and abbreviations in the comments section and I'll publish them next time.  Be sure to tell me what they mean.

U4E SRS (stark raving sober),


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