Things To Do To Change The World:

1. Become a mindful entrepreneur.  Get a free copy of a life-changing book on being mindful that comes with an offer of free telephone counseling by a mindful counselor.  Take the program on mindful entrepreneurship for a few hundred dollars, or just read what's offered for free on the websites at: Be sure to get your mindfulness entrepreneurship  toolkit for free.  And be sure to read all about the "something remarkable" in holistic business coaching. 

If you don't have a business, don't worry about it.  Part of the coaching program is finding your life's purpose so you can be doing what the author of these free materials is doing:  wrapping  up your personal gifts, the bliss you want to follow as your life's work, and giving it to the world.  This is one way of certaintly being the change you want to see in the world.

2. A Shortcut to Awakening For People In A Hurry.  Create your own awakening from Zen Habits.  I particularly relish the inclusion of reading Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass" as a  method of awakening.

3.  Read the "Daily Word."  I love the "Daily Word."  It is a simple positive, law of attraction sort of life-affirming thought for each day that often hits right on what you needed to hear for that very day.  It has themes such as let go and let God, forgiveness, divine order, and affirming wellness.  It is put out by Unity Village affiliated with the very positive and non-dogmatic  Unity Church.  Here is today's thought:

Today's Daily Word
Sunday, February 06, 2011
I am a spiritual being, evolving and growing every day, in every way.
I am continually evolving as a spiritual being. This evolutionary process includes trials and errors as well as joys and opportunities. Each experience I encounter, each relationship I share, each insight I receive offers me the opportunity to grow.
From the moment my life began, I have been evolving and growing. As an infant, through trial and error, I learned to crawl, walk and speak. From there, I moved on to more advanced learning experiences. As an adult, day by day, I grow in harmony with the unfoldment of Spirit in me.
It gives me great peace to know that I am a work in progress, growing and evolving to become the person I am meant to be.
Clothe yourselves with the new self, created according to the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.--Ephesians 4:24
Daily Word officially launched in 1924 and included daily messages of hope, spiritual poetry and feature articles—all primarily written by Whitney. Daily Word began with a subscription list of 16,000 people, but within a year, the list had grown to 43,000. Today, Daily Word is mailed to approximately 600,000 subscribers in more than 150 countries, and is translated into seven languages. Daily Word in Braille began in 1934, and is now sent for free to the blind through Message of Hope®. Daily Word in Spanish, La Palabra Diaria, was first published in March of 1955. Daily Word in Large Type was introduced in 1978.
In 2009, Daily Word celebrated its 85th anniversary. With the July/August 2009 anniversary issue, the magazine went “green” by including two months of messages in every issue rather than one.
Additionally in 2009, a digital edition of the magazine became available. It offers subscribers a new way to enjoy the magazine. Explore the digital issue here.
Laura Harvey is the current editor of Daily Word. You may follow her on Twitter.

4. Inner Awakening 21 days to Enlightenment.  April 2011.

5. Consult the I Ching in all matters great and small.  Tonight I got Hexagram 49, Radical Change, and it sounds exciting.  See what's in store for you  or what is currently happening:  Clarity's Free Online I Ching Reading.

6.  Keep up with news and activities in consciousness raising at

7. A problem to work on:  Find out how much pollution is in your zipcode: (and everything else you ever wondered about your zipcode.  You'll also find out who the worst polluters are so you can start protesting against them.

8. Share what you believe in.  Write an essay for "This I Believe."  Get guidelines here. "Start a public discourse one essay at a time."

And that should keep you busy until around supper time.  See you  next time,

Ms.Refusenik, "Let it begin with me."


Anonymous said...

Very understandable info. Cheers!

Advaith said...

you are right. let it begin with me and you. that's all what matters. i recently watched the video of Steve Job's grad speech at Stanford where he says he learnt to look at each day as his last. i have done this a while now. do take a look at my blog zentocoach. cheers ram