You know the storm I mean don't you?  The one that wages within each day and when you say, "Should I use/drink today or should I try to stop?"  Yeah, that one.  The big storm that takes over your life and puts you on that damned collision course with all those horrible consequences like the breakup of your relationship, not being there for your kids, losing another job and not being able to find a new on. It's hard to find another job because your work history looks like a big chunk  of Swiss cheese except that you could drive a semi through some of the holes where you were  missing and not in action.

The big storm that comes up quickly some days, and blows all your money into the wind just like it blew your friends and family away.  Or have you noticed they aren't standing beside you any longer saying, "He just works too hard."  "She is under a lot ofstress."  "Their marriage is just in a rough patch right now so she/he goes out."  Not even, "It's just a phase," from your earnest, ever-loving and co-dependent  mother.

Today is a new day.  It could be the start.  It's a bright new dawn.  You can change your life starting today.  You could find shelter from that storm as easy as clicking your mouse.  I have every self-help recovery program listed here too for every problem, not just alcohol and drugs.  I've got your 12-step program links in every flavor of drug including crystal meth and marijuana.  I have 12-step anonymous programs for: Alateen, Alanon, Overeaters, Gamblers, Debtors, Nicotine, Emotional Health, Emotions, Depressed, HCV (hepatitis), Obsessive Compulsive, Survivors of Incest, Sexual Compulsives, Co-Dependents, Sex and Love, Families Anonymous, and Anorexics and Bulimics.  I may have missed some.  They are all right here.

Do you already know that you're done fooling around with this nuclear bomb in your pocket, and are ready to check yourself in and take care of business?  There is no time like the present.  It's one less day of regret, remorse and suffering.  Who knows where or how you could end up today.  Make that phone call.  Here's a few lists of detoxes and rehab treatments centers as well as outpatient programs.  They are ready to help you today.  Some may cost you nothing so don't let lack of money or insurance stop you.  Saving your life would be worth whatever you had to pay anyhow so don't worry about that now.

1.Pick up the phone and dial or pick up the  mouse and click.    
This website has everything from fancy schmantzy treatment programs, to 12-step communities, sober living homes, faith-based programs, alternative sentencing programs--you name it.  Check it out.  It's all listed by state and country.  You are bound  to  find something to fit your circumstances on this list, and probably with no waiting.

2. Find what you need in your area.  Drugs/Alcohol Treatment/Rehab.

3.Call now 24/7 live counselors and "affordable" detox and treatment.

There are thousands more, but you can use a search engine as well as I can.  If you don't have a computer, get a phone book or call information.  If you don't have a phone, go to the nearest hospital emergency room.  Even if they won't keep you for financial reasons, they should give you referrals to places that will take you.

Here's about all you need to get started with the

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