MsRefusenik is going back to the roots of her Tell All Blog today and talking about writing, particularly about a resource for freelance writers that they absolutely must have now.  Excuse me if I sound overly
enthusiastic, but I am so excited by this finding I feel like getting back to some serious freelance writing myself.  I have been out of the bid wars for a while working on social services interests, but that rush for a gig worth doing is always there.

You know there are so many good blogs and websites for writers it is overwhelming to try to choose a few to read regularly.  I started collecting bookmarks on freelance writing blogs and there were quickly so many that I didn't pay attention to any of them, to be honest.

Finally, in the past few days, I have found one shining blog that is so far above the rest in terms of quality, real substance, line for line resources you need and can readily use and ideas enough to soar on for months, that I must tell the world about it.

The world already knows about it apparently.  It was only me in my bat cave who didn't know about this winner of the top top ten blogs for writers' winner.  I only found out about the contest after already being a huge fan of the blog and seeing it somewhere.  It certainly deserves that distinction and many more

Unlike so many blogs for freelancers, this one is not guilty of running all the standard posts you normally find on how to make more money, writing the perfect query, breaking into print magazines, how to market yourself, etc.  Nor does it address the original posts it does cover from fresh perspectives in ways we have read before and heard until we are sick of them.  And, what I appreciate most, it is not a Cliff's Notes but the novel itself.  There is meat on its bones.

Let me give you some examples of the kind of high priced spread that Carol Tice's  Make A Living Writing is.  When you subscribe,  which is somehow unbelievably free for all that you get, you get a free copy of a report that is easily worth paying big bucks for: 40 Ways To Market Your Writing.  This well-researched, life experienced based treasure has so much more than the average e-book or article on the topic it deserves a Pulitzer.  I plan to use my copy on a daily basis from now on.  In fact, I just was away from this paragraph for about an hour and one-half because I fell into the report while looking for all the good things to tell you that it has.  She tells you what should be on a business card and then recommends the company that she uses for hers.  I went to look at their cards and they have the most beautiful spiritually themed cards (not too holy roller) for a reasonable amount.  Then I had to open a new business e-mail address to put on the card.  Just trust me. You will find things in this 40 Ways that you don't come across all the time--some lists and web addresses that are of major importance for marketing that I never knew existed are on it.

Carol Tice, the woman who uses her own life experience to write this wonderful blog,

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