It's time to take it to the streets.  Google's invasion of privacy with their Street View and the way they get their spiders moving through your personal websites and even chats was way over the top for a long time.  I started a cause against it on Facebook.  Yeah, I know invasion of privacy and Facebook is where I go to mount my cause.  I'm lazy.  But now they are personally harrassing me and keeping me from getting my writing and other computer tasks done.

Don't any  of you besides me have a selection on your popup menus that reads "Inspect Elements?"  And when you go there you  see all kinds of things to click on like resources, scripts, databases, storage, elements themselves, properties, profiles, and more.  When you click on them the writing below them changes or an entirely new graph pops up.  And there are little boxes on the bottom of the screen that change everything when you click on them.    I know I'm not explaining it too well, but I don't understand the whole code thing, and I do have a code, it's in my Google account, and if you go to red beans and rice book and read the entire code book on subversion, one of their primary codes for collecting information on unsuspecting victims. The problem is that I read it or at least skimmed it (I have ADD and found it boring in its highly technical language) twice, and all I can say is that something is up.

I first came across my computer's "anonymous" numbered entry of coded pages one day about two years ago when I was sniffing down around Adwords or Analytics or some place like that.  I recognized my websites and logins or something.  I am not too clear about that revelation because I was in a state of shock.  Now before I go any further, while you are already thinking something is far more wrong with me than ADD, my computer is also hacked, has been hacked for nearly three years, by the same pitiful ex-programmer.  He likes to follow my every virtual move, take screenshots and files of the websites I visit, and do his best to thwart my being able to complete the simplest computer action from going online to printing to logging in--he puts roadblocks in the way of getting things done. I have quit working as a freelance writer because he sabotaged my jobs, and I have ended up in the hospital due to the stress of it.

I have wasted years of my life collecting information on this guy and I have a lot. I even have his GPS coordinates which show that he doesn't live far from me. He is a 29-year-old ex-programmer who claims to know five languages of code. He is unhappily married and I think he has kids. He turned my Mac into a Server which often happens. That's all he wanted originally.  Then he began to become obsessed with my life and my friends,interests, writing, you name it. I found files he keeps on every single thing he can find out about me.  I am 60 years old and this punk kid is jealous if I write to a man or want to put up pictures of Metallica on my wallpaper. I know about him because he used to show me his writing,his toys (mostly Apple), his blog, his manifesto, and more.  Now we are back to being sworn enemies and he makes my life a living hell.

I have done all I can to get him put behind bars.  The FBI just takes my reports and when I inquire about their status tells me to file a report.  The other agencies and orgs don't do anything unless theirs terrorism, state secrets, big sums of money orchild pornography or sexual preying on children. No one cares about the cracks I fall through.

So as he moves in tp seize my fourth installation of Linux and my second computer, I focus on what I might be able to fight:  Google.  Surely there are others who can't work because of the weird things they do to your computer while spying on you.  For example, I recently was trying to write a simple article for the last freelance writing gig I still have. I was trying to copy and paste all of my research materials on one word processing doc and then write the article on there as well.  The problem was when I hit "paste" everything I have copied for the past week came running out all over the page, and it couldn't be easily deleted either.  You can't simply copy it and then select "delete."  I had to spend hours deleting by backing up one letter at a time with the delete key or risk losing all of my material.   It was like that all day. Things pop up out of the keyboard that are put there as "elements," "scripts," "resources," "profiles," etc. and then you can't get rid of them. It's a terrible mess and you can't get anything done. 

Needless to say I spent the entire day attempting to write one article that normally used to take me two hours.  It never got done and I missed my deadline.  I wanted to start grad school next month, but it's all online and I need a computer I can depend on, and with all the hacking and spying going on, I don't have reliable computing.  

There's so much more to say and facts to bring forth, but it's late and I never catch up to all the work I am behind.  I just wanted to put this out there to find out if there are others.


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