What if you had one minute to answer this question:  What do you think you are "supposed" to do before your life is over?

If the answer doesn't spring to mind, or maybe because it does too readily, take some solitary time now and go within and ask and listen deeply.

It probably has nothing to do with money, property, possessions, revenge, becoming famous or the ego's other favorites.  Ask your intuition.  Ask your heart.  Ask your higher consciousness.  Ask your soul.  Meditate on it.  The answer is there and it will come clear as dew on the young spring grass.

If you're just too analytical to trust the answers you carry within, get a pencil and paper and brainstorm a while.  Mind map if you like. Knock yourself out.  You can't get a Ph.D. in  it, have a fortune teller give you the news, or open your horoscope for the day and read it.

On the other hand, it is possible that someone close to you, who knows and understands you, and loves you unconditionally might have some answers for you that you may or may not believe.

Your best bet is to hone in on your own truth because we know what we know and we can believe it is true.

It's simple for many people.  It was for me when I asked myself this in a journaling exercise yesterday.  I instantly responded "Love."  That was it.  Before I leave Boot Camp for Souls I hope to have learned my love lessons well.  I want to love unconditionally, unselfishly, compassionately, and authentically.  I want love to come forth from my being as swiftly and naturally as drawing the next breath or blinking.   It should take no time, have no hestitation, succumb to no doubts that slow its progress or make critical judgments about who is worthy.  I want to become Love for Love is God and we are all this one God of Pure Love.  That is, I believe, what we came here to remember and to practice.

When I consider how slow and unsteady my ability to feel compassion for everyone and anyone, I think I must work on living many more years, because, brother, sister, I have a long way to go.




Deanne said...

Hi Maryellen.
We all have a long way to go. I always have to keep myself in check as I hear someone say something and I immediately want to jump in as it is someone who I don't get good vibes from. I have to tell myself not to go there.

They key is that you are aware of this and seeking the knowing within and that is the start of the transformation so you are well on you way and have been for quite sometime. Be gentle with yourself on the path!

Lots of Love, Deanne

MsRefusenik said...

I love Desiderata where it says, "Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself." That always stuck with me. Thanks for reminding me. I really do believe that compassion is what will one day save the planet. I also think it isn't easy the way you think love should be. The ego and character defects get in the way over and over. Love & Hollyhocks,

Anonymous said...

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MsRefusenik said...

TO:Katherine Watcerson,

I don't know why this blog is popular with the international beauties that are the world's escorts, but I love it. Thank you so much. If you look around you will see a small clickable menu to sign up for your free subscription to have the posts delivered to your e-mail.


pascal said...

I have had an AVC a year ago and at the same time an opérations for cancer of colon. I've been 2 months waiting opération, because surgeons were anxious. But I was not afraid.
In my mind god was present.
Now, my live si changed. For me love ie essential.
(Sorry for my bad english=).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Deanne said...

The first thing that came to mind with the one minute question is to love. I thought of love. I am going to meditate on this. I miss you so much. I wish that hacker would go away and you could get on more. Nice post. I hope you are doing well! Love and light , Deanne

MsRefusenik said...


I know you and know that you would zoom to the thought of love like a sunflower moving its face into the sun's rays. Love meditations are powerful aren't they? I try to do them for a particular person, like a friend or one of my children when they are hurting or the relationship is strained.

As I wrote you in yesterday's e-mail, I haven't blogged because the hacker has stolen my computer out from underneath me--all my files too. I now have access to my live-in son's new laptop and hope to get back to my blogging friends.

I am a cyberaddict and must be linked in!


MsRefusenik said...

Dear Jean Michel ("Pascal"), Jean Michel is my faithful, good and loving reader from France. I recently had my native French born and raised dear friend Ellen translate my letter to him thanking him for his loyalty to this blog and his always interesting, perceptive and stimulating comments.

He has a wonderful webpage. Check out today's musical international contribution Noel at http://monblogreflexions.com/. Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel, Jean Michel! Love, Maryellen