Ready to see something that will fill you will energy and light? It is something miraculous and you will be glad you stopped by. Go ahead and click on the title of this post now.  I'll wait for you here.

What do you think, eh?  Miraculous?  Unbelievably breathtaking?  Energy infusing?

You can play with them. They do everything.  You can be in one by tagging it.  You can even have one made for you. Transformational Artist K. Allen Kay is given your birth name and birth date. Taking the vibrational numbers of your life, spectacular geometric fractals are created.  And they really are spectacular. 

Now we're all getting on the bus and going to a Pink Floyd concert.

"I hope we don't get any bad acid."

That was a blast from the past.  I had fun. MsRefusenik's heart is still half in the Sixties.  She is a walking antique.  A woman came up to her on the train yesterday and reminded her she could be riding free with a senior pass, and told her she could get one at the senior center on Harris.  MsRefusenik was trying not to think about the the birthday she has coming up, but the world won't let her.  I wonder if her vanity keeps her from getting a senior pass.  She is actually not really old enough, but she does qualify by being disabled. 

Make a list of pros and cons about aging. Pros:  Cheap coffee at McDonald's  and movie discounts.  Cons:  Sagging everything, wrinkles, grey hair and feebleness.  But I was never given the list and allowed to choose now was I?

Here's what the mandala store says about their personal mandalas:

"Are you living up to your true potential? Are you ready to manifest miracles in your life? Do you long for more tranquility, harmony, peace and joy?
You are more amazing than you have ever known or dreamed!!!
Individuals all over the planet are using Personal Energy Mandalas to access their inner reservoirs of greatness, strength, beauty, and creativity and accelerate manifestation."

 I know I am saving up for one.  They aren't as expensive as you might think ($89). 

All I know is that twice this week the first thing I saw when I got on my computer was one of these miracles of luminescence put up on my wall at Facebook by my new friend and soul sister, Deanne Fry.  I took the first one to be a symbol of my new beginning on living my life's purpose.  I am filled with wonder at what gifts synchronicity (and Deanne) will bring me next.


ALEKSANDRA SASHA NATALYA PETROVA (aka Sasha Petrova, "The American Lady Who Isn't Afraid of Color, Smurphgirl, Smurphy, and I think there's more) originally from Seattle Washington now of Mazatlan, Mexico is coming to visit.  She is the author of the recently published autobiographical A Leaf In The Wind. 

Here are a few reviews from Amazon.com.:

4.0 out of 5 stars Honest and brutal with a touch of humor, August 4, 2010
By Zoe F. Jussel "zoesterone" (Bisbee, arizona) - See all my reviews
If one can say a topic like this can have humor and still be like a knife in the gut, then so be it. Sasha Petrova has a way of weaving a true life story to capture the heart and soul of this type of abuse, but coming out of the dark tunnel to light and with a wicked sense of humor. How she can be the strong and solid walk-on-earth type of person she is, creates a large arena for question. Read the book; you don't have to have the same experience, you can be a man or a woman, a girl or a grandmother; there is a place for all of us in this story. Great first effort and I know we will see many more.

Village Cantina Linda Crossley "Zorro" (Mazatlan Mexico) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Leaf On The Wind (Paperback)
Meeting the Author in Mazatlan was my introduction to A Leaf On The Wind - curiosity lead me to download her book on my Kindle. I was blown away by the brutal honesty Sasha shares exposing herself to readers. Her story is heartbreaking and real. I found myself wondering how a person could go through a life like this and come out the other end in one piece. I couldn't put the book down - If I didn't know better, I would have thought this book was totally based on a fictional life of a person on a runaway roller coaster. If you have suffered abuse, Sasha may share insights to help you get through it, if you haven't suffered abuse you will be truly grateful for your own life.

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring, October 14, 2010
By Gayle Farmer "PSKITTY" (Palm Springs, CA USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: A Leaf On The Wind (Paperback)
This book is both heartbreaking and uplifting as it takes the reader along on the perilous journey that was the author's childhood.

This reader's emotions ran the gamut from anger to outrage, then profound sorrow as her family, church, school and the system failed Valerie again and again. Her final victories are sweet reading after the pain and fear of her early life, satisfying and uplifting.

Petrova is a survivor in every way imaginable, strong yet vulnerable and always hopeful. An excellent debut novel by an author who inspires us all. We'll be hearing more from Petrova.


I have read this novel and been  turned inside out by it,  I am amazed by her ability to not just survive the trauma she endured, but overcome it, heal and forgive.  I am proud to call her my friend and a writerly sister and mentor at FanStory where I continue to enjoy installments of the mystery she is working on and the series of humerous short stories on life in Mazatlan (hilarious), soon to also be made into a book,  as well as her other stories and poems.

So we can look forward to her coming very soon.  I will tell you more about her then.    It is generous of her to take the time out from a real press tour to visit little old MsRefusenik.


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