Healing the Child Within With His Gentle Touch I would trade all the kisses swept with passion Of deep-breathing lip-locks, I'd give up my ration And you can have the deep-diving tongue dances too. I'd give it all up for one last gentle touch I once knew It wasn't a tight embrace that touched my soul. It wasn't a soul kiss that made me feel whole. My true love had a touch like the breath of a child. It was so sure, so gentle, so kind and so mild. He would take my small face in his large and sturdy palm Smooth my hair, let loose a strand, and let me feel that balm. Rub his hand across my cheek with fingers softly floating Tender as a mother moving a curl on a child upon whom she is doting. I would feel soft and small and fragile. His loving hands were so agile. He never failed to let me be his own loving child for a while. I let all the love in without seduction and without guile. Then we kissed and became man and woman, lovers again With a secret knowledge of what we had just shared then. I knew the gentleness beneath the steel. He knew the way to make the child in me heal.

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