Just a funky mood I'm in. It's 6:18 a.m. and I haven't been to bed yet. Been working every freelance want-ad and market write up ad I can find. I want to write something exciting for money. I got two checks this week and it has gone to my head. I'm only happy when I'm writing. But I guess you figured that out by now. I wrote two astrology things--sort of funky soul mates based on sun sign astrology and one what to eat when you have PMS article all for Helium.com Marketplace. I am also working on a few others for them. One about what to eat to prevent cancer and one on Chinese New Year. Yeah, coming up soon the year of the Ox. That's what I am. A quiet, hardworking ox. The more freelance writers blogs I read the more I learn I am far from being the one of only a handful of writers disgusted with the present marketplace of $1/articles and SEO nightmares and spinning articles to pass plagiarism tests. Lots of us are disgusted. I found some who are simply choosing not having anything to do with any of it which is reassuring. I think of the wonder and total regard I held for writers for most of my idealistic life and I can't imagine it has come to spinning. Would F. Scott have spun a few to keep Zelda in a good secure place and to buy a few more rounds? Can you picture Virginia Woolf counting keywords? I'm certainly not putting myself in their league I'm merely asking is that what has become of writing today? Meanwhile, I continue sending and receiving e-mails from my best friend all through high school, now a grandmother. We have so much fun. She is still hunting deer every morning at 4 a.m. One more and she can stop for the season because she'll have enough to last the year. She lives in Smackover, AK but she's from the Chicago area. I told her I know what I'll serve her for lunch when she comes to see me over Christmas--something she is probably dying for because she sure can't get it in Smackover: good old Chicago pizza. My poor sister and her family just live in Wisconsin. I was there recently and they told me all about how awful all the pizza up there was. But then one night when we were all starving they went ahead and ordered one. Yeap, it was sure awful. They weren't exaggerating. I think the sauce was plain tomato paste. I can't talk about what was supposed to be the pepperoni or I'll get sick. You wouldn't think making pizza was such a secret, would you?

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