What makes this woman writing in The New York Times think she can tell me, an Obama supporter, to "calm down" and "take a deep breath"? Doesn't she read Maureen Dowd or Paul Krugman or, for God's sake, Ariana Huffington? I do. And, I can't help being scared by this monster that shoots wolves from planes, wants to ban Harry Potter and God knows what other books, really did call Iraq "God's task" in her church, would allow her ticket to call Obama some kind of pedophile for suggesting kindergarteners be taught "good touch/bad touch".... I am beside myself. I have come out of my body and I am beside myself at the damage this hockey mom is capable of doing to this already far too damaged country. She lies through those lipsticked lips like a pro Republican. She is one of the club. Being a woman doesn't make her more honest, as is sometimes the case. There's only one set of footprints in my life's wanderings today. I need to be carried through day E-53 and counting. I really, really, really cannot take any more Republican shenanigans, and I mean that word in the worst way. For example, I mean "shenanigans" like in the following article I wrote a while back about why Mr. Military Hero gets protected in the media for unthinkable wrongdoing while Obama gets slammed for being in the same room with people. Or why so much is made of Michele Obama's honesty about her feelings for this country, which I share, and no mention is made of the fact that Cindy McCain would still be sitting in a federal penitentiary for drug stealing and prescription theft if her husband hadn't intervened on her behalf. No one mentions that he and Cindy didn't even vote for Bush last time, or that he publicly called his wife the "c" word. This is a nasty man with a very bad temper and a worse liar than Bush if that is possible. Anyhow, here is the article along those lines: Presidential Elections 2008 US elections 2008: Obama's radical "baggage": Rev. Wright and the 1960s radicals It's truly remarkable how our media only picks up on certain things to repeat endlessly like crazed mynah birds, and ignores the elephant in the living room. It's how the game of politics is played in this sound-bite mad country. You want to talk about baggage? Let's talk about some real baggage. Right now I am looking at a photo that was published in the New York Times of Bill Clinton shaking hands with a spiritual adviser who came to help him when he was in his confessional mode after the Lewinsky scandal in 1998. The preacher's name? Oh, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. of Chicago. Funny Bill hasn't brought that up recently. So many scandals to cover, and yet you'd think the press only knew about two of Obama's unfortunate acquaintances. Here's the whole problem. Obama is too nice. Bill, Hillary and John McCain have enough scandals between them, past and current, to keep a large army of reporters busy for years, but no one brings it up. Obama can thank Hillary Clinton for making a big stink about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. so she could scare white voters into thinking big, bad, bigoted black men were about to make Obama their love slave or whatever she is trying to imply. Obama must have been having a rough day when he accused Hillary of using a "kitchen-sink" (as in "everything but the kitchen-sink") strategy of negative attacks aimed at him. He told her, "You learned the wrong lessons from those Republicans who were going after you in same way using the same tactics all those years. I don't want us to become like them. I want us to change the country." Isn't he just the sweetest? Too bad, isn't it, because he could really go to town if he played their way. Poor Obama just can't stop being a basically decent guy despite whatever she does next. He is too much of a gentleman to remind her that she sleeps with a man who pardoned not one but two Weathermen. He merely attended board meetings with one. Nor does he mention how in late 2007 the Clinton campaign was forced to return $850,000 in campaign donations to Norman Hsu who acquired the money through a Ponzi scheme. They forgot to do a background check. Of course, they hadn't planned on returning it until the media got wind of it. And he doesn't bring up Vina Gupta who spent $900,000 on travel for the Clintons, or her old friend, John Huang, whom she got a job for at the Commerce Dept. until he was sentenced in 1999 for campaign finance violations. Then there was the $22,000 campaign contribution from Jose Carbera who got that money out of his account set up for his cocaine selling business. Or he could mention her old partner Webster Hubbell, or Addul Rehman Jinnah, or Sandy Berger. Oh, and Hillary, just what were your brothers Hugh and Tony Rodham doing with that strange investment in hazelnuts in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, or when Hugh Rodham took large cash payments for trying to broker presidential pardons? Wasn't that a bit sleazy? The list just goes on. People in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks they say. And Mr. John McCain who must vent his spleen about Obama's former pastor and Sixties radical Bill Ayers. He must have forgotten that little internationally known incident called the Keating Five that he was involved with a few years ago. And he certainly has forgotten his actions on behalf of alleged paramour Vicki Iseman known as McCain's Purple Cow incident. And I thought that hearing that his wife steals recipes from cookbooks and passes them off on the campaign website as old family dishes was a big thing until I found out about her drug addiction. My, the way she stole those drugs from the charity she worked for. They say if McCain hadn't intervened and she had been poor and black she would still be doing time. And what about his campaign manager Terry Nelson who, it turns out, has been connected to several Republican scandals? No, no, no, Barack is too nice to mention any of that. But best of all was reading about McCain's recent endorsement by John Hagee, televangelist, and a leading Christian supporter of Israel and a large figure in the Christian-Zionist movement, a political philosophy rooted in biblical prophecies and a belief that Israel's struggles signal a prelude to Armageddon. He attempted to distance himself from his newest evangelical supporter when the Democratic National Committee called on him to denounce his support, citing controversial remarks Hagee has made on a variety of subjects. McCain said, "In no way did I intend for his endorsement to suggest that I in turn agree with all of Pastor Hagee's views, which obviously I do not." And, "obviously", Barrack Obama doesn't agree with all of Rev. Wright's views either. Everybody's got baggage. Obama's seems like coincidental kid stuff compared to the real pros. ,,

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